Cool Racing Radio Control Buggy! Front and rear suspension indicated, perfect for on and off-road action.
      Multi-link suspension design revolutionary crawler; Special heavy duty metal ring and pinion gears hardened, axles and axle shafts
      Aluminum capped shocks, Disc Brakes Composite light weight allows the Himoto speed is instant. The top speed is 45km / h acceleration in 2 to 3 seconds and turning radius is large
      Full function 2.4GHz Radio included the world's most advanced four-wheel motor four-wheel drive technology scaling super shock

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Tips To Make Rc Drift Track

Before making rc drift track takes some planning so you do not have difficulty in realizing the design rc drift track you are. 

The following are some tips to make rc drift track:

1. Track Site Selection 

indoor rc drift track

location consists of two types, indoor and outdoor. For indor excellent for permanent circuits as protected from the weather. To be able to use the material soft carpet or floor. And if you want a deeper sense, you can add a property some environment to make realistic track.

Outdoor rc drift track
for outdor can use the parking lot or field with a smooth surface condition and quite slippery. for outdor costs could be the right choice, because we can make a lane track with paint or by giving only limiting. so it can save your budget. 

2. Create layout concept rc drift track

to facilitate the preparation of track equipment, make images of the pattern lines rc track first. Pointless to plan the amount of material and can measure the area of ​​land required. 

3. Land area 

small rc drift track

to track drift does not actually need a fairly large area, because a lot of steep bends that can coincide with each other. for land you can reproduce a wide straight track so that rc can go faster. whereas to maximize the narrow track makes figure 8 bend or loop.


4. Newbie or expert Rc Drifter

for those of you who are still newbie make a track with corners rather wide as exercise handling. while for those of you who are expert multiply the length and twists to make it more challenging narrower.

5. Safety and security

for this one not to be forgotten, safety first. avoid making tracks on the side of the highway because it can attract the attention of passersby, and they may be gathered in a side street so endanger road users.

Tamiya Nissan GT-R RC Drift

Sport car nissan GTR now available in rc drift. This is the specification :
Chassis: TT-01D type E with shock tower now molded separately from
the gear case covers and new upper deck with transponder mount
new A parts (Uprights) made of polycarbonate plastic material
new D parts (upper deck, motor cover and more) made of fiberglass-
reinforced nylon material
Drive: Four wheel shaft drive
Electronic Speed Control: TEU-104BK with reverse, TAMM4541
Motor: 540 motor with pre-attached leads and blue aluminum heat sink
Lights: TLU-01 LED head and tail lights turn ON when car is switched
Ball Bearings: Installed in differentials, bushings in wheel hubs
Shocks: Oil-filled, plastic body CVA Super Mini
Gearbox: Sealed, front and rear
Differentials: Bevel gear, ball bearing equipped
Transmission: Single speed
Body: Polycarbonate, clear
Tires: Super Driftech drift spec resin 1" (26mm) wide, 2.5" (63mm)
Wheels: Seven spoke gun metal gray finish 2.0" (52mm) outer diameter,
0.94" (24mm) wide +2° offset
Bumper: Front foam

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Hot Wheels RC Ken Block Gymkhana RC Rally Car

Hot Wheels RC Ken Block Gymkhana RC Stunt Automobile: World superstar Ken Block is giving everyone a chance to drive his high-performance rally automobile. The Ken Block Gymkhana Drift Automobile doesn't look like Block's Ford Fiesta Rally Automobile, it drifts like it . Now you can set up courses & drift around obstacles, pulling wide & tight drifts with the push of a button with this full-function RC automobile.

Product Specification :
  • World superstar Ken Block is giving everyone a chance to drive his high-performance rally car
  • Looks just like Block's Ford Fiesta Rally Car and drifts like it too
  • Now you can set up courses and drift around obstacles
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